A Moment’s Notice

A Moment’s Notice

A poem by Jstar269. Written on a moment’s notice for an event in early March that took the world by storm.

It was the crack of 2:30 PM. I’ve just gotten off the bus from school. Unsure of myself after recent events. I research on what to do. My life’s been a mess with troubles at every corner. My mind’s been wrapped around something that could go either way. The feelings inside of me are confused and worried at the same time. My money was on the future.

It was at the top of the hour, the crack of 3:00 PM. I got home and have gotten straight to my charger. My phone died from anticipation on the bus, using up all of my Unlimited Data for what to do. I plug my phone in and call someone. A friend I’ve known for two years. A friend that was in the same position I was in. A friend who knew what was coming.

I’ve gotten myself dressed up for the occasion. The occasion that wouldn’t happen again. The event that got me rustled up in the first place. I took another shower, cleaned up my clothes, and switched out my shoes. I cleaned up everything about myself and made sure my homework wouldn’t get in the way of anything.

It all started in January. The event in Mid-January. Announcements like you wouldn’t believe, all of which would surround this device for months to come. I’ve been interested in this for months but was revealed along with a closer look at the device itself hurt my interest, which worried me to no end. It answered some of my suspicions, but not with answers I wanted to hear. My original reaction to October took me by surprise, but my new reaction in January brought me back down to Earth.

Information continued to pour in, most of which I didn’t want to hear until the end. I wrote to my heart’s content what I felt and how I felt about where all of this is going. I originally predicted this to be a good thing for everyone. Some competition is to be done in a different way. From a company willing to return to their roots, like others in the same industry. It was something to get hyped about. But when we actually got more info on it, things got more realistic and less interesting.

I’ve prepared myself. I’ve determined where to go for this event. I’ve determined my plan for what to do heading there. I prepare a few things to eat, fully charge my phone and external battery, and head out with my sister. At a moment’s notice, I was gone.

I saw there was no line yet, no line for anticipation. It was at the top of the hour, reaching into the pockets of 4:00 PM. I talk with an employee and was able to start the line of anticipation. My money and patience were ready. I was the first to anticipate tomorrow, and what the future would hold for years to come.

As my friend heads in from driving half an hour, I look back at the months that passed by. The rumors, speculation, leaks, announcements, unveilings, hype, anticipation, and releases. I was at my peak often, waiting for what would be revealed next, what rumor would come out of the internet next. I started getting relief seeing some of the reviews associated. Some hurt, others praised. The general majority brought my interest back up.

My friend arrives, and my hype returns. The line grows up to wrap around the building. These people were in my position of getting hyped over the past several months and were on the same rollercoaster that I was. My mind was set and it was made up. It was my first time doing this, and I suddenly knew that it might not be the last.

Midnight was creeping up, and everyone was starting to show their hype visibly. I was, too. My sister was. My best friend was. It was anticipation that grew by the second. This was it. This was what everyone’s been waiting for. What we’ve all been waiting for. The moment has arrived. Midnight.

Half an hour later, the people who already pre-ordered their Nintendo Switch got theirs and I was first in the line of people who didn’t pre-order. I got the Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Cons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special Edition, and Geek Squad Protection from Best Buy. It was pricey, but coming home to play the game and love it set my mind up to what I thought would be the future of the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming games, and portability convenience, and the usability of the Nintendo Switch would forever change who I was. As a man growing up in this world, in a world of politics, businesses, and problems surrounding it internationally, it feels good to just sit back and play some Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon, and other games both on my big screen and on the go. I still use that case to this day. It felt good getting it at midnight.

I’d like to thank you for reading this if you enjoyed it. I kind of wrote this at a moment’s notice so please excuse any issues I had from writing this. I’ve had such an enjoyment over playing on the Nintendo Switch that I just really wanted to write about this. I do not get paid or sponsored by Nintendo for writing this, I just kind of wanted to.

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