Hey! Welcome to my Blog!

Hey! Welcome to my Blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog, otherwise known as the official blog of Jay-Cast’s owner, Jstar269, which is me!

It may be a little weird that I’m straying away from the official Jay-Cast website to make my own sub-domain, but rest assured that things will mostly remain the same over there. I’ll continue to release my issues of Jstar’s Chronicles whenever I can on the weekends, but I’ll also be releasing some extra things here. This includes the following:

  • Video releases
  • Personal talks that wouldn’t fit right in Jay-Cast’s environment
  • Projects and websites that I’ve made (to add to my portfolio)
  • And a closer look at how I manage things in life, both online and possibly in physically!

As I don’t have specific release schedules for these posts, they might not come around every week, but in exchange will be usually higher-quality and will offer a closer look at my beliefs, as well as a more personal look at who I really am.

I hope you stick around here as I’m going to feel more relaxed having my own sub-domain and being able to start things entirely fresh here.

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