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Jason Watched: Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

I had a minor binge with some of Studio Ghibli’s lesser-known anime films, and this one was no exception. My best friend says it’s one of his most favorite films of all time, so from that alone, I had to check it out! And, well, yeah. It’s pretty freaking incredible.

Another beautiful, breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous looking film. To be expected by Studio Ghibli, of course, but it’s always incredible to see a film made by them. The music is consistently incredible to listen to and is just lovely on the ears, and the *animation* absolutely never disappoints. Another animated film that gets as close to perfect as you can get, and just like Princess Mononoke, while I definitely heard Billy Crystal’s voice in there, I was beyond *surprised* when those other voices included Josh Hutcherson and Christian Bale. I kept forgetting that this movie was made in 2004, hence why some of their voices weren’t exactly sounding like what they sound like now.

Overall, it’s a fantastic 10/10. Interested? Check out the trailer. It’s available to stream on HBO Max.

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