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Jason Watched: Promare (2019)

An anime film that kind-of quietly released outside of a massively hyped group of fans that probably saw this film as many times as possible when it was in theaters. This includes my sister and her boyfriend, who saw it three times total. Now on their fourth, I saw it with them, and let’s just say… I loved it!

It’s an extremely stylized kind of anime film that ticks the boxes needed to be an overall good one. The animation, as expected, is fast-moving and has a LOT of effort clearly put into it, making it not one of those typical anime movies that really feels like an extended TV show episode. Definitely one of the better ones that’s released in theaters in recent times, and it really is the kind of movie you see multiple times in theaters.

Overall, it’s a great 8.5/10. Interested? Check out the (English Dub) trailer. It’s available to rent and purchase across several streaming websites.

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