My Expectations on Multimedia Production

My Expectations on Multimedia Production

Before I entered into this class, my expectations were pretty understandable, as my sister actually took this class when she was majoring in Communications at FIU a few years ago. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree right after my first Fall semester at FIU.

My experience with WordPress and Adobe Photoshop stem back to my early teenage years. In 9th Grade, I had a class called “Emerging Technology” that counted towards High School, where we learned about Adobe Creative Cloud, mainly Adobe Photoshop, among other things such as WordPress. As our school laptops (that we were provided) had the entire suite installed, I went all out on trying out the capabilities of Photoshop, securing that Adobe Certified Associate certificate for CC 2014, learning as much as I could before we had to give the laptops back for the summer.

Since that class, which I completed at the end of my 9th Grade year (2015), I’ve remained experienced with Adobe Photoshop, and would later have knowledge in working with Adobe Premiere Pro. In 11th Grade, I had an opportunity to renew my ACA certificate for Photoshop, and my score would be one of the highest in the class. They have since both expired unfortunately, but as I’ve needed to use Photoshop in some college classes, my experience remains high.

I would also like to mention that as I am a live streamer and YouTuber, I have plenty of experience recording audio and messing with live streaming setups over the past several years. I have great experience with Audacity and some minor knowledge of Adobe Audition, so I hope there’s some use to expect out of this class.

My sister, Jessica, actually took this class beforehand for her major’s path in Communications, and said that the professor I have is a great person, so I have to have the experiences that she did, albeit entirely virtually.

Now that I’m a Junior, I understand that my classes, now essentially entirely the classes I am supposed to take for my Broadcast Journalism major, are expected to be harder. However, now that they’re entirely in the topics and concepts I’ve enjoyed being a part of before, I can’t wait to see the new, exciting things I never knew about that could improve experience with the programs and applications I’ve already been using!

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