A Pre-Ordering Headache

A Pre-Ordering Headache

I understand in previous blogs that I was trying to show technical aspects of my life, but this happened very recently. I tried to pre-order the PlayStation 5… and it ended up taking over almost half of my day.

On September 16, Sony unveiled the price and release date for both of their upcoming PlayStation 5 video game consoles. I was genuinely surprised and relieved that they stuck with having the same $499 price point that Microsoft implemented for their upcoming Xbox Series X game console. The PS5 was the one I wanted more, so at this point, I just wanted to know when preorders opened. After their “Showcase” presentation, they sent a tweet out saying they’d start tomorrow, the 17th. Oh, if only that was true.

About an hour or two later, Walmart and GameStop announced that they were opening pre-orders now. Oh no. Target would follow suit shortly, and all heck went loose. Multiple phrases revolving around pre-orders were trending. I never thought it would be this bad, but then again… I’ve never pre-ordered a video game console before.

Best Buy would soon “open” theirs, but in reality, their entire website was down for about an hour. Once the console actually showed up on their website, it took me… three hours… of clicking “pre-order”, “checkout”, store selection, and a whole lot of refreshing, only to come out as a failure. They would later re-open pre-orders officially at 4 am. 4. am…

But not all hope was lost. The last remaining retailer was Amazon. I had Overwatch scrims (practicing competitive matches with my teammates) during this, but near the end when we were transitioning to a final round of a game, I got a tweet. One that said that PlayStation 5 pre-orders were open on Amazon. I couldn’t open the link.

While the round was still transitioning, about ten seconds later, my sister, who knew that I couldn’t secure a PS5 through Best Buy, sent me the direct link. I was able to open it on my laptop.

And the rest was history.

Well, there it is. My holiday season in one picture.

Sony would later apologize for how everything went and promised that more units would be available to purchase before the console’s launch date of November 12. I still would rather get it through Best Buy as I have plenty of gift cards to use towards it, but if that ends up remaining a dream, it’s all fine and dandy in the end.

So, the moral of the story? When in doubt, Amazon it out.

Added note: Amazon would later send an email to everyone that pre-ordered this through them that they might not receive the console at launch, so this happy ending wasn’t perfect. But… it was as good as it could have ended up.

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