My Flip-Flopping on Computers

My Flip-Flopping on Computers

In 9th and 10th Grade, I had strong aspirations to be a game designer. I loved how detailed, complex, and graphic some video games can be, and I wanted to be a part of it! When I entered 11th Grade though, my entire world turned upside down when I realized the kind of path I was on.

Here’s some context. I went to what’s called a “Technical High School”, where instead of us taking regular class electives, we had an entire “technical career” available to use for our latter two years. I was interested in the one for game developing and designing, but upon entering the program, most of the first half of the year was dedicated to learning about Adobe Photoshop… something I learned in a 9th Grade class, passing what’s the called the “ACA” exam to be certified in it. I didn’t want to use up three hours of my time learning something I’m already certified in, and neither did my best friend (everyone took the same 9th Grade classes outside of Math and Science, but passing wasn’t a requirement). We looked for other options hoping we could still swap to something else, and we did: A program that’s CISCO-Certified.

By the end of the first week, we transferred over, luckily seeing that a few of our friends were there too… but not for long. After the first two weeks or so, me and my friend expected the class to get harder, but one false move and we’d all get screwed over. There was a chapter of a book we were supposed to read, but go figure, none of us did, so we didn’t have notes either. We surprised us with a note check, and got so angry that we all received a 0% for the day. It’d be my only failing assignment in that entire semester of CISCO, at least out of the ones I still remember.

One of the guys I knew in that course swapped over to Web Development. My best friend and I weren’t really being “targeted” or anything, so we stayed. Unfortunately, to this day, I kind of regret that. From August to December (and a little of January), we were given assignments, put to work on real desktop computers having to completely disassemble and re-assemble them, and I’d soon see most of the people (including myself) get yelled at throughout the semester. It was brutal, and I still don’t know how I got an A in that class. I’ll never forget how he asked if he could feel my beard… and I accepted it, only because I was nervous about him doing anything at all…

In the middle of January, something snapped in my best friend and he no longer wanted to be part of the CISCO course. I soon followed. We ended up swapping over to Web Development, even though I didn’t really want to go into that direction, but I no longer had enough of an interest in computers to have that be my main career. It’s likely from how harsh and weird my teacher was, but the other reason is definitely from my rapidly growing aspirations to be a journalist.

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