A headset that makes sense

A headset that makes sense

Throughout the past several years, I’ve been really into video games… if it wasn’t obvious already. Since about 2013, I had my first pair a’ cans, the Turtle Beaches P11. Specifically made to work for the PlayStation 3, they were overall a great headset for me to start with for my journey into gaming, but after an unfortunate accident, they stopped working and I was back to earbuds.

It would be a few years later that I’d plead to my parents to get me a new headset. My parents now owned a desktop PC that actually performed really well, mainly because I helped out in picking one, and it was actually a gaming PC. My mom only really needed it for when she had to file taxes, but I somehow convinced my mom to get a PC that was essentially overkill for that. It worked, and I’d eventually realize I would want a real set of headphones that weren’t $20 and were made for mobile devices like phones. I ended up getting a cheap, Chinese, no-name set of headphones that were about $25-30, and I think it was also technically an early Birthday gift. They weren’t great, but I was thankful to finally have a headset. Plus, they lit up!

I’d soon be preparing myself on moving out to the new world that is college, and I had to buy some accessories that I’d want to use all the time. Not only did this mean my first personal laptop and mouse, but also a new headset. I desperately needed one, and something that would cost a little more went a long way. In this case, the $40 Logitech G430’s, an excellent value headset that came from the conclusion of hours of research into looking at what would make the most sense for me.

They lasted about a year until my dogs got to them. Poor USB dongle… The headset still worked, but because it outputted two audio jacks into the USB dongle, I now had to resort to either using the audio OR the microphone. This wouldn’t be too bad if I wanted to always use my Blue Yeti microphone for speaking, but… I like convenience. Rather than searching for a new USB dongle, I went ahead and bought a new headset. I had a job for a few months at that point, so I figured then would be the time.

Days of researching led me to the headset I’d end up getting. I searched for good headsets under $100 rather than under $50, and it’s like I reached a new world of options. It took me a while, but I finally got to deciding on the HyperX Cloud II, an excellent headset with a good microphone and a good USB dongle. Plus, it outputted through one audio jack rather than two, so I’d be able to use this for my video game controllers and my smartphone.

I’d end up being even luckier that even though it normally costed $100, I found an insane deal that led to it being about $60 in like new condition, when in reality, whoever bought this headset literally must have opened the box, closed it, and returned it, because they were otherwise brand-new.

For about $60, I don’t regret it one bit. I do wish I splurged a little more and got one that was wireless, though. Having so many wires makes you kinda not like them, y’know?

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