Taking the Blue (Yeti) Path

Taking the Blue (Yeti) Path

During most of my time in middle and high school, I absolutely loved live streaming and recording video game videos. My first many, I think, didn’t have audio… but I’d eventually realize how important it is by the fact that I was lucky to get more than a single view.

Around 2013, I would get my first ever gaming headset, the Turtle Beach P11’s. For the (unfortunately short) time I had them, they were incredibly good, mainly because I didn’t have anything like it before. I was about 14 at the time, so having something like this when some YouTubers like PewDiePie and Tobuscus was exploding filled me with joy.

My dad would accidentally break it, and I was stuck using earbuds again. Not *that* long later, I think it was Amazon’s first (or second) Prime Day, they had deals on gaming headsets. They were those bootleg Chinese no-name generic-branded brand-new-yet-looks-outdated headsets, but it was cheap, and my parents were willing. I had a headset again, meaning I had a microphone, albeit an absolutely *bad* one.

My 18th Birthday.

At this point, being in 12th Grade, I showed real genuine interest for a while that I had a vision of being a great journalist. My parents saw my potential, and knew what birthday gift to get me. I was active on YouTube and Twitch, and I started to gain some following, albeit some complaints about my mic. It really wasn’t as good as I’d hope for. Suddenly, that was resolved.

In 2017, this was one of the best plug-and-play USB microphones you were able to get at it’s price. It has an impressive amount of area to work with when it comes to receiving audio, and it’s overall something that’s essential (at least this kind of microphone now) if you’re at all interested in recording clean, great-quality audio. It can be a little noisy if you have an air conditioning running or whatnot, but modern programs such as Adobe Audition can remove noise almost easily.

It’s definitely a massive step up from the headset mic I had at the time. Although I’ve since gotten a much better headset with now a respectable microphone attached, I’d still rather want to use my Blue Yeti unless it’s something where the difference would be negligible, like in a video game.

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