Why I’m hyped for the 12th

Why I’m hyped for the 12th

In 2013, a new generation of video game consoles truly began. While Nintendo’s Wii U video game console already launched, Sony and Microsoft were about to release their own successor: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Years of anticipation to what new hardware can accomplish lead to these two holding tens of millions of sales, hundreds of millions in games, and a leap, while not as large as previous generations, in gaming.

This was seven years ago. At the time, I would acquire the Xbox 360. Not exactly the latest and greatest, but I didn’t care at the time. After all, I had a Wii U!

…Anyway… flash forward to 2016, and the Nintendo Switch was announced. I was hyped from the very beginning. About two to three days before launch, my mom finally said that she was helping to help pay for the Switch at launch, where I covered for half. When I heard that Best Buy would have a line for people to buy at midnight, the rest was history.

I waited 12 hours total to be first in line for a Switch. Never regretted it.

Jump forward again to this year. Sony and Microsoft are yet again releasing new consoles for a new generation. While I’ve loved my time with the latest Xbox and PlayStation, it was definitely time for a successor. I knew from early on that I’d be going for the PlayStation 5 rather than the Xbox Series X, mainly for my preference between the two always have been Sony, and that the need to upgrade my Xbox wasn’t really there yet. For Sony, it isn’t really either, but I figured with how popular it’s been that I had to strike for a pre-order first thing.

It brought back some memories I had for the Nintendo Switch, being so hyped for it and somehow being able to get it midnight launch. In this case, because of the obvious, I’m having it shipped to me rather than picking it up in person. I’ve also pre-ordered some video games to go along with it, and with the others I have waiting to be played on PS5, November 12th can’t come fast enough.

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