My First Experiences with Adobe Premiere

My First Experiences with Adobe Premiere

As part of the class I’m in, specifically Multimedia Production, one of the key topics we’re learning about is Adobe Premiere Pro. An important program to understand for my major, it allows you to professionally edit your videos in terms of cuts, color, audio, and visuals, all in one program. It’s extremely useful, and I’ve understandably had experience with it before. Namely for two things: A trailer for a video game I’ve been working on, and for a high school time capsule.

I think it was about the middle of 2017 or so that I realized that I wanted to promote my video game in a proper way: A trailer. For the first one I made I tried my best to actually make it entirely in the engine I worked with, but as I started to get some knowledge of Adobe through a high school class, I wanted to use Premiere Pro for the next one. I took a wealthy amount of videos, screenshots, and some of the music that’ll be in the game, added some text, and put it all together into one Premiere Pro project. It was technically my first ever finished product from Adobe Premiere Pro, and while it’s not that great compared to what I’m doing now, I’d say for the lack of experience I had back then, it could have been a lot worse.

As for the 2nd, much more ambitious project, my high school wanted to create a time capsule. As my high school was recently restructured to be one, and I was part of the first graduating class, me and someone else were assigned to make a video that interviewed a few of the teachers on how things are now and how they think things will be in 20 years. Understandably, that’s when the time capsule is expected to open up.

My friend worked on one that was about 3-4 minutes and was meant to be presentable towards us now, while I went ahead and made one that essentially featured all of the footage that was recorded but edited together in one video so that nothing would end up being cut out of something we’ll look at in two decades.

I technically worked on this mostly while working on the trailer I made above, but this was technically given more effort and was completed just barely a few days after the video above. As it was meant for a time capsule and featured copyrighted music, I don’t have a copy of it, but as I handled putting all of the files onto an SSD (among other things, like a yearbook and letters we wrote to ourselves in the future) that was placed into the time capsule, it’ll be something to look forward to… 18 years from now.

I do, of course, have a copy of all the files I worked with for the project, but it’s tucked away in an external hard drive that I… kind of lost the wire to. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe…

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