My First Paycheck For The Future

My First Paycheck For The Future

In January 2019, I got my first official job at a real place: Panda Express. Then it was Starbucks. Then it was Taco Bell, as I was moved around in the same building on campus. It wasn’t the most fun, and I’d mostly regret my time working at Starbucks specifically, but that’s not the focus here. By the end of January, I’d receive my first paycheck, one that wasn’t from writing an article or two a month, but rather from physical retail experience. It was unprecedented for me, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I had to get a job because FIU ended up screwing over my financial aid, forcing me to go from owing barely anything to owing thousands of dollars over the Spring term. But, my first paycheck I thought, should go towards something special. So, I saved up my check entirely while I accumulated more money. I worked as many hours as I could, which unfortunately wasn’t a lot because I wasn’t great at making lattes or especially frappuccinos.

But, by the end of February, I had enough saved while my mom was helping with my financial issue. My dad suggested that I saved my money from my first paycheck to go towards something, and my mom surprisingly agreed. I knew immediately what my first check would go towards: a new TV.

At the time, my current TV, already a few years old, was about the size of a PC monitor, with none of the benefits of a PC monitor. It had a mediocre display, only one HDMI port, and it’s only niceness about it was how portable it was for when an organization like Panther Esports needed another screen for a tournament. I was desperate to upgrade, and I finally had my opportunity.

I spent way too long determining what were the best-quality and best-value TVs that were 43 inches, as anything smaller wasn’t good at all, and anything bigger wouldn’t fit on my desk at my dorm. I eventually came down to two options, and after an extensive amount of research over both, I determined that the TCL 5-Series TV would make the most sense for me.

I’m the kind of person to buy tech at its best rather than getting something lame knowing I’d upgrade soon. With the exception being my first personal laptop (I couldn’t afford anything more), I went this route for a while, with the TV being my first decision to come from this strategy. Knowing how much I’d be using my television, making sure I got a good one was the most important decision to make, while still obviously not costing too much. Needless to say, I don’t plan to upgrade my TV anytime soon.

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