The PS5 Launch, So Far

The PS5 Launch, So Far

On November 13th, my new PlayStation 5 was delivered to my dorm address. After picking it up and going home, I was genuinely amazed by it. The fact that I was able to survive the hours of pre-order purchase nightmares, the several weeks of anticipation, and the determining of what games to actually get with my new console. It wasn’t the first time I got a console at launch, but it was my first time pre-ordering one.

I unboxed my console, recording it just to be safe, and was just amazed at how large the console really was. I previously used a PlayStation 4 Pro and wasn’t a fan of how large that console was. This console blows it out of the water with size and weight, to the point where I understood why Sony has been advertising this console as one you have stand up rather than lay down. As I screwed on the base, connected the cables, and turned it on, I kept being amazed by the hardware.

The loading times have been incredible. The “3D Audio” kind of works, which is better than normal audio I guess. The higher-quality graphics and better lighting and reflections actually make a difference, but one game in particular, “Spider-Man”, honestly felt nicer to play in the smoother frame-rate mode than the mode with the better graphics.

I also played the built-in game “Astro’s Playroom” as it was giving players the best experience of what the DualSense controller is capable of. The haptic feedback where you can actually feel parts of the game (such as rain hitting your hands) and the adaptive triggers genuinely freaked me out. There was real pressure as I pressed on the back triggers when trying to launch a rocket as part of a mini-game, and I was speechless when that happened.

Everything about the PlayStation 5 really does feel next-generation. The loading times being pretty much removed, to the better graphics and smoother gameplay, to the new form-factor of the console itself, to the incredible USB Type-C port on the front of the machine. While it was definitely pricey at $500 (I used a wealthy amount of gift cards though), I think it’s worth every penny.

I can’t wait for the next few years to show what this machine is really capable of!

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