Why I’m Addicted (To Overwatch)

Why I’m Addicted (To Overwatch)

In early-mid 2016, an Open Beta for this video game launched. I was able to get in on it and play around a few matches. I enjoyed it, but as I didn’t have a job and was still in high school, I know that this would be it.

The game was Blizzard’s Overwatch, which would release about the following week to rave reviews and massive appeal for it’s gameplay, graphics, and music, all centered around it being multiplayer-focused. It seemed like the perfect game for me as I was still entering PC gaming, but I didn’t think more of it.

Later in the year, as events were progressing and the world was tumbling, I got more addicted to video games. I didn’t however have a game that I truly was addicted to, outside of maybe some Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. But, after the disaster of politics happened, Black Friday quickly approached, and my opportunity for something suddenly came to reach.

I didn’t really have many PC games as I was still more into consoles at the time and I really liked having games physically. One of the big Black Friday deals, at least to me, was a discount on the game Overwatch. Specifically on the “Origins Edition” which included extra content exclusive to this version of the game. They didn’t influence gameplay, but they were nice to have, and the discount made this cheaper than the regular game was.

The discount was also available with the digital version, but it being available for the physical one, even if the game would just install from the disc and not actually use it, was perfect for me. I think I had the money to buy the game, so I would purchase the game, and the rest was history.

The reason why I ended up being addicted to the game (with over 600 hours in it now) is how I got it at the perfect time in my timeline of playing video games. I wanted to really get into one game and the combined qualities of Overwatch made me pursue it the hardest. I’d want to play it, record it, and live stream it all the time, even if my first few months weren’t really to play it competitively (I played with a controller on the PC version… not a great idea).

Four years later, and I still play it all the time, albeit less often. With the next generation of gaming on the horizon, I’ve been focusing more on single-player stories knowing how many good ones were going to release this holiday season. I am on one of FIU’s Panther eSports Overwatch teams, but I have definitely gotten weaker at my performances. Maybe when the sequel releases (whenever that will be), I’ll really get back into the fight!

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