Looking Back at Multimedia Production

Looking Back at Multimedia Production

Throughout the summer, my worries about how classes would be done remotely through Zoom were everywhere. From the use of equipment to partnering up for group projects to interviewing people, I was genuinely worried about how things were going to be and whether or not my grade could suffer from it.

It’s December 2 as I write this, and my worries remain, but mostly for next semester. I may have worried a little too much for this one. For Multimedia Production, it went as smoothly as it could have been in terms of how the class was set up. I was lucky that I had my own DSLR camera and some previous experience with Premiere Pro, but even if I didn’t, this class still would have been just fine.

Learning more about Premiere Pro, including chroma keys and proper ways to edit videos were something I’m glad I learned more about.

My decision to stay on campus ended up working out for me after all when I ended up doing the Feature Report on housing in university dorms. While my partner didn’t stay on campus, I did, so I was able to capture b-roll and get some more information to work with about the dorms at my university. I’m not sure how this project would have played out if I didn’t stay on campus.

This class really had me push my editing skills to the limit, as I previously had experience with Premiere Pro, but definitely not enough to how much experience I should actually have. Same for WordPress.

As for Adobe Audition, I genuinely never used it before, previously just using the free Audacity. Now I know though that Audition really is that much better and now that I have the experience with it with editing audio clips, reducing noise, and making the voice lines louder yet still clear, I’d rather use Audition than anything else from now on.

As this semester ends, I definitely learned a lot more than I anticipated going into this class. While I wish current circumstances didn’t happen and that the class could have been in-person, I still learned a lot, got plenty of experience, and can’t wait to see how my next classes unfold, whether in-person or not.

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